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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

There are questions of Candidates which are general in nature are given below. First and Foremost is that We do not charge from Candidates for Membership, Searching Job and Applying alongwith Free Blogs and Community Service. For Candidates The Only Paid Up Services are Resume Maker, Resume Highlight and Job Alert Service, apart of these all uses related to Candidates are free of charge.

Candidates need to follow certain things for the maximum benefit for themselves

You should follow these:

  • You should register with only one email address and maintain it, multiple IDs can create confusion, you have option to upload multiple resume in your account
  • Fill the Right Detail, if you enter anything by mistake then edit or delete it
  • Update your Profile periodically
  • Try to fill maximum fields and do not leave any field which are important.
  • Change your password periodically to avoid any misuse.